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Esther Vallance

RN BN MA (Hons) Cert Adult Tchg

Esther Vallance


Welcome to the Professional/Clinical Supervision & Nursing Education website of Esther Vallance. Esther works from her home office in Strowan, Christchurch.
  • Registered Nurse
  • Nurse Educator
  • Professional Mentor
  • Clinical Supervisor
  • Study Coach

It is my pleasure to offer Professional Supervision, or more historically named, Clinical Supervision to nurses that wish to improve their practice, problem-solve issues within practice, and those who want to grow professionally in an expediential manner.

I work closely although not exclusively, with nurses. My nursing background is in Medical and Surgical Nursing, Assessment and Rehabilitation of the Elderly, and I have a particular interest in the Aged Care setting.  I have a strong educational background also, having worked for seven years as a Nurse Lecturer, during which time I gained my Masters Degree, and more recently Professional Supervision and Coaching training.  It is on this basis then, that I offer Professional Supervision, Nursing Education and Study Coaching for nurses.

‘Enhancing nursing practice in New Zealand through Clinical Supervision, Professional mentoring and Nursing Education’.

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